Priyadarshini is a New York-based Indian musician, actress, athlete and activist who has attracted international attention for her unique and multi-faceted career.

The Indian Express calls her music “soul stirring,” five-time Grammy winner Roy Wooten calls Priya Darshini “an inspiration,” and Tracy Silverman, calls her “one of the most influential artists from India.” Taking her roots from Indian Classical music, Priya’s vast knowledge of a variety of music from all over the world has resulted in a fresh, imaginative and fascinating new sound. She displays an enviable combination of range, technique, unconventional compositions and a prodigious voice that truly sets her apart from other vocalists and has the ability to both, intrigue and captivate any audience 

Priya has shared the stage and collaborated with some of the most influential international and national music leaders of the century, including Pearl Jam, five time Grammy award winning drummer and composer Roy “Futureman” Wooten, three time Grammy award winning saxophonist Jeff Coffin, four time Grammy award winning trumpeter Philip Lassiter, Grammy nominated Louis Banks, virtuoso ukulele player Jake Shimabukuro, virtuoso hammered dulcimer player Max ZT and more. 

Based out of Brooklyn, Priya has sung for over a hundred television and radio commercials as well as recorded for several award winning and chart topping movie sound tracks. She is also an actor, ultra marathoner, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Priya is an avid Ultra-Marathoner and, at twenty-three, was the first Indian woman to complete the Himalayan 100 mile Ultra Marathon. Priya has since founded her own ultra marathon company, The Windchasers that organizes extreme ultra marathons throughout India. 

Her strong tie to India has continued, despite her Brooklyn base. She is a trustee and board member of the non-for-profit organization Jana Rakshita, providing free or low cost health care for pediatric cancer patients. Working hands on since she was fifteen years old, and with over 3500 patients treated, Jana Rakshita has been a major and life defining part of her life. 

These multiple facets only hint at a unique and creative energy that crosses boundaries and excites audiences.