"Throughout my life I have been interested on how far one can push one's limits. In 2007 I was the first Indian woman to complete the rigorous 100 mile Himalayan Ultra Marathon. It was a grueling journey and tested all of my faculties. After the first mile, my body was exhausted. So with 99 left to go, I thought "Now what?" How could I convince my body to continue. What is my limit? How far will you go?

It is within this aesthetic that I founded the Windchasers along with Ram Sethuraman. The WindChasers brings to you meticulously planned races in the most beautiful, exotic yet challenging terrain in India.

Our focus lies in protecting our ecology and promoting a fitter and healthier lifestyle as well as sharing India’s most diverse cultures and landscapes with the world.
Our participants become a member of the elite WindChasers Club, something very few runners in the world will be a part of; giving them access to many privileges including access to many special future events."
-Priya Darshini,